"The Unconsecrated" are zombies of a sort that surround Mary's village. They live in The Forest, giving it the name of The Forest of Hands and Teeth. They are mindless, and only want one thing - human flesh. They bite and eat people, who then turn into unconsecrated themselves. Even a little bite is absolutely fatal.

It is believed by the Sisterhood that 'The Return' is punishment by God for the way humans were and how they acted.

The Definition of UnconsecratedEdit

"The Unconsecrated" means "The unholy." This is because in the eyes of God they are impure and defiled. Another name for them is Mudo, which is pirate for "speechless".


The Unconsecrated often have tattered clothing, ratty hair, dirty skin, and broken bones. Another characteristic mentioned is their raw fingers, worn from rubbing the fences. Unconsecrated are unable to speak and moan instead. They do not appear to feel pain or have any other purpose than finding flesh. They fall into hibernation when there is no fresh flesh around and can stay like this for unknown periods of time without dying, although they are easily woken by the prescence of life.

The Fast OneEdit

Gabrielle was turned into an Unconsecrated by The Sisterhood and was seen by Mary before the breach. Out of character, though, she is fast and agile, picking off victims more efficiently than the slow breed because of isolation, that the Sisterhood brought on (Later, in The Dead Tossed Waves, Fast Ones are revealed to be called Breakers). People of Mary's village become worried about her, but Sister Tabitha calms them saying that she will wear herself out - which she does, but not until after the breach.